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    KMC PHARMA, dealing in medicines, vaccines

    and the broadly understood medical industry must operate like the most accurate machine. Wholesale? Usually the connotation is simple: production, minimalism and work. Naturally.

    We know that production is really an opportunity to exchange experiences. Minimalism is precision and harmony and work means effort and commitment finalized by the whole crew.

    Reverently and without haste.

    We operate as a clockwork mechanism.

    We are present on the market form 2011. We distribute specialist medicine that can be divided into certain groups like cancer medicines (cytostatics) vaccines and medical preparations described as life saving. The main area of our actions are the medicines used while dealing with serious and persistent illnesses like: cystic fibrosis, asthma, glaucoma, cardiovascular diseases, Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis (MS), HIV, Chronic Rheumatic Arthritis, Viral Hepatitis.

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    About us

    We would like to tell You the story of a brand, which is deeply rooted in the industrial landscape of Silesia. People are often wondering why when They visit this place they aren't greeted by a smog cloud, dusty buildings or streets covered with wastes from the mines. Naturally.


    KMC PHARMA, dealing with the medical industry, must take every action thinking about people. Patient?

    Reverently and without haste. We operate as a clockwork mechanism.